Corp Connect communication portal solution

Corp Connect is a News and Information distribution solution designed to seamlessly integrate with SharePoint and Office 365 based Intranets. Irrespective of user’s role, location or device CorpComms accelerates the access to organization’s communication effectively.

News Publishing

Create, approve and publish news with centralized authoring dashboard. Simplified and intuitive publishing experience enables non-technical users to publish news without IT support.

Auto Tagging

Auto-tagging suggest a list of tags based on pre-configured Term store, news item properties and content being published. Auto-tagging increases search-ability of the content at organization’s search centers.


News targeting enables authors create and configure News Vaults for regions, locations, departments, groups etc. and easily target news to users belonging to Vaults.

Social Features

Social features give viewers a voice with the ability to rate, comment, like the news items. News viewers can also subscribe to favorite news Vaults.


Personalization ensures viewers to reach to the news most relevant to them. CorpConnect facilitates Viewers to personalize the News feeds of their choice. They can subscribe to the News Vaults, areas of interest, geography specific news.

Mobile and devices support

Mobile technologies play an important role in breaking boundaries in employee communication. With CorpConnect user can access the organizational communication anytime, anywhere.


Analytics enables organizations to analyze the reach of communication and deciding the new approach to maximum viewers. CorpConnect enables to view what’s trending through popularity of news items based on like most viewed, liked, and commented.